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Sunraysia Institute of Technical and Further Education came to our college

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Mrs. Jennifer Grigg, Director of Sunraysia Institute of Technical and Further Education and his party visited our college on May 12th. Mr. Wang Runxian, the deputy secretary of the Party Committee, and the leaders from relevant departments attended the meeting
Mr. Wang Runxian introduced our college’s the exchanges and cooperation with Australia and expected the two sides would develop the mutually beneficial cooperation and expand the cooperation achievements. Mrs. Jennifer Grigg thanked for our warm reception and hoped to further expand exchanges and cooperation projects to realize resources sharing. The two sides also carried on the deep discussion about the cooperation on agronomy gardening, food processing, machinery repair, water resources management, and some other related professions.
Mrs. Jennifer Grigg also visited Jiangsu Tea Exposition Park and gave the full affirmation on the characteristics and research training conditions of our college.


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